Lingana Expedition
₹ 4,150
VRangers Lingana Climbing, Rappelling - a dream of every trekker. Short Info: Height: - 3000 ft. Region: Raigad-Pune. Base Village: - Mohori. Difficulty: - Hard. Duration: - 2 N / 2 D. Participation Size: - 20 Rangers. About Fort: Fort was built by Shree Shivaji Maharaj in 1648 to secure central Konkan against the Sidis. This fort use as a penal settlement in which prisoners were confined in rock dungeons,one dungeon being able to hold fifty prisoners. Fort situated between Raigad & Torna a massive pinnacle it took name from its shape The fortified rock is about 2,969 feet high from ground level rock-cut steps have been completely destroyed, and the fort is almost inaccessible. Top is nearly 2500 sq. ft., there’s nothing remain except some ruins of a grain store and some cisterns. read more read less