• What is Trekking?

Trekking is usually climbing up the hill / fort by pathway normally with an intent to enjoy the beauty of it.


  • Is there any difference between trekking and hiking?

Hiking is walking on manmade roads and paths in terrain or mountains/hills. Trekking is walking on non designated paths in mountains or hills and there is a limit to the altitude for this activity covered.



  • Who all can trek?

Anyone who can take care of themselves physically as well as mentally.


  • Is there age limit for trekking?

No, there is no age limit. (For small children & beginners it’s always advisable do trek under some responsible person’s supervision.)


  • What kind of outfits and footwear should be used on a trek?

Outfits and footwear vary with season. Best suited and the safest option would be to wear full sleeves T-Shirt and full length track pants. It gives protection from mosquitoes, sunlight or any thing harmful from directly coming in contact with you.


  • What things I should carry for a trek?

One Day trek :-

1)Water upto 3 ltr

2)Snacks, raw material and ready to cook/eat food

3)Extra clothes

4)Extra footwear

5) Personal medical kit

6) Mosquito repellent cream or coil


8)Torch with extra batteries

9)Coal, Kerosene, Match Box.

10)Extra Carry Bag

11)Paper Bunch

Things necessary as per season:

Summer:- Cap

Winter:-   Monkey Cap, Sweater, Hand gloves

Monsoon:- Windcheater


Two Day Trek:-

In two day apart from regular (one day trek) thing some extra essentials are required:

1)Bedding or Sleeping Bag

2)Spoon, Plate, Glass


  • Is it necessary to have personal first aid kit with trekker?



  • What should I have in my First Aid kit?

1) Cotton

2) Relispray or any pain relieving spray

3) Antiseptic Cream

4) Savlon/ Dettol

5) Soframycin

6) Burnol

5) Bandages(net bandages,tape bandages,Crepe bandages,tingular bandages)

6) Scissors

7) Tweezers

8) Turmeric

9) Pain killer tablets

10) Dysentery tablets

12) Tablets for headache, fever & flu

13) crap cap

14) Electrol (must)

15) Glucose supplements: Glucon D, Tang etc.

16)Personal medications if any

For More proper information please consult your Doctor...