Dear All Rangers, 

Get Ready to Cover Satara Region as VRangers come up with Seven Forts/Places exploration in two day. 

Here Is the List Of treks and Places:

1) Vairat Gad : 

The fort Vairatgad is situated in the province of Wai, and 8 km away from Wai. It takes one day to see the fort.King Bhoj of the Shilahar dynasty built Vairatgad in the 11th century. During Shivaji’s period the fort was used only as a military station. Shivaji Maharaj conquered the Wai region and included Vairatgad and Pandavgad in his kingdom. The British captured it in 1818.

2) Kalyangad : 

Kalyangad Fort was built by king Bhoj-II of Shilhara dynasty from 1178 AD to 1209 AD. It appears from many copper plate inscriptions of Shilhara kings that they gave many donations to Jain saints.The architecture of Kalyangad Fort is very beautiful. There are two main entrance gates facing towards the north and east. Taking the steps to reach the east gate is preferred by most visitors. At the entrance, there is a cave pond, which is about 30 m deep. The roof of the pond is supported by carved pillars. There are statues of Lord Dutta in one corner and Lord Parshavnath on the right side of the cave. 

3) Santoshgad : 

Santoshgad is divided into three parts. First part of the fort is the protective (defensive) fortification, second part is the flat portion on the mountain and the topmost part is the “Balekilla” or the top citadel. There is a ‘Math’ (cloister/ monastery) on the way to Santoshgad. Besides this monastery is a cave with water storage tank. Also, there is a statue of “Valmiki Rishi”. There is an entrance on the upper side of the monastery, for which we need to go around it. The path to the left side of the monastery goes along the fort walls and takes us to the main entrance. There is a small temple on this way.Santoshgad is also called as ‘Fort of Tathawada’, since the base village is called by that name.

4) Mahimangad:

Mahimangad is about 51 km south of Phaltan city. This fort is in Maan Taluka in Satara, and is a part of the chain of forts created to guard the ancient trade route from Mahad to Bijapur. The fort is located near Mahimangad village on the Satara – Pandharpur road. All the forts in this region are built on isolated mountains and their shapes are unique.
The trail to the fort is on the north face of the fort and takes us along the ramparts to the east facing entrance. On the pillars of the entrance, there are magnificent elephants protruding which are unique and not found elsewhere. The entrance is not visible till we reach very near, as we have to go along the edge and the bastion is built in such a way so that the door cannot be struck by the enemy easily.

5) Vardhangad:

The construction of the fort was undertaken in 1673 by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and was finished in 1674. It was used as an outpost guarding the east frontier of his newly acquired territory. In 1800, the fort, then in the hands of the Pratinidhi, was invested by Mahadji Shinde’s force with 25,000 men. The Ramoshis in the south-west machi were attacked and killed the horse of Muzafarkhan one of Shinde’s generals. The machis were then sacked and burnt. Further havoc was stopped by the influence of the Sarnobat Ghorpade’s wife who was sister to the wife of Shinde. In 1803, Balvantrav Bakshi, the commandant of the fort, fought here a battle with Yesai Saheb Firangi. The fort was shelled, the machis sacked, and a contribution of Rs. 3,000 levied. In 1805, the fort was attacked by Fattesingh Mane. The Karkhanis and other officers were killed and Fattesingh took many horses in the neighbourhood. But was himself killed soon afterwards in a battle fought with Balvantrav Phadnis, the Mutalik of pratinidhi who was assisted by the troops of Chintamanrav Patwardhan.In 1807, after the battle of Vasantgad, Bapu Gokhale brought the Pant Pratinidhi to Cimanganv, a Koregaon village close to the north of the fort, and the fort was then surrendered to him. He administered it for five years till 1811 when the Peshva took charge of it. 

6) Ajinkyatara:

The fort is also referred to as the 'Fort of the Sapta-Rishi' and can be observed from the hill of Yawateshwar, which is 5 km away from Satara. This fort is surrounded by 4 m high thick walls with bastions. There were two gates. The main gate, made formidable by high buttresses, is close to the north-west corner and the small gate in the south-east corner. There are number of water tanks inside the fort for storing water. Visitors can also visit the temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar and Lord Hanuman on the northeast side of the fort. This place is also famous for hiking, trekking and mountaineering.

7) Sajjangad:

Shambhu Mahadev is the sub range of Sahyadri starting from Pratapgad to eastern side. This range is divided into three parts and Sajjangad is situated on one of these sub ranges. One should touch the soil here sanctified by the feet of Samrath Ramdas Swami. Poet Anant has aptly described the place the sacred one, blessed by the existence of Lord hanuman and residence of Saint Ramdas Swami. 
The fort stands 10 km away to the south- west of the Satara city in the ravine of the Urmodee or Urvashee River.

& Bara Mota chi Vhir.

2 Nights 2 Days Available on request Satara, Maharashtra
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

Travelling :

  • Travelling from Pvt vehicle from Nahur to Nahur

Stay & Facility:

  • Only Sharing Basis Tents or Temples or local homestay (Carry Own Bedding like Mat & shwal)


  • Saturday : Breakfast , Eve Refreshment And Dinner (Lunch Needs to Carry By own)
  • Sunday : Breakfast , Lunch & Eve Refreshment.

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Meal/cold drink
  • Packaged Water
  • Personal expenses/tips.
  • Insurance of any kind.
  • Medical hospitalization, evacuation and related expenses.
  • Any item not covered under “Inclusions”.
What makes this tour special

Seven Forts and Famous Place

  • Vairatgad
  • Kalyangad
  • Santoshgad
  • Mahimangad
  • Vardhangad
  • Ajinkyatara
  • Sajjangad
  • Baramotachi Vihir

Meeting Point:

Nahur Railway Station 11.00 pm on Friday Ngt

Trek Schedule:


We Will Cover Vairatgad , Baramothachi Vihir , Kalyan gad, Santoshgad

In route We will have our Breakfast & Lunch (Carried by self)

Reach to Mahimangad in the Night and will Stay here.


Early morning we will cover Mahimangad.

Then we will complete Vardhagad,Sajjan Gad, Ajinkyatara.

Will Have Lunch in route may be we will try to do at Sajjangad as it was supppbb in test

By evening 4 pm we will complete and start journey towards mumbai

Approx by 09.30 pm we will be in Nahur

Here is a list of all the things that we need to carry for the trek:

It’s totally self-responsibility to take care of things.


Compulsory items: Saturday Lunch

A proper two sided haversack to put all the things, So that one has hands free while trekking, id proof, Approx 3 ltr water, One small bag , Torch with extra batteries, Bedding material like Mat-Shawl or Sleeping Bag, Plate, Spoon , Tea Cup, some snacks, Should wear good trekking shoes, full sleeve shirt/T-shirt & Full Pant, etc...

Non-compulsory items:

Cap, Sunglasses, Bhandana or Stole, Woolen Jacket, Camera, Avoid wearing Gold and other Jewellery, Mosquitoes Repellent, Electoral / Energy Powder, 2 Lemon.

If you have any medical issue please carry your own medicine as we carry only First aid.

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