Kataldhar Waterfalls are situated in Rajmachi region on Lonavala in Pune District. Kataldhar and Kune are the two sources of the mighty Ulhas River which flows 122 km via major cities like Kalyan, Ulhas, Ambarnath, Thane and eventually drains at Thane and Vasai Creek to Arabian Sea. Kataldhar receives its water from the mountains and Kune receives it from Lonavala city and dams.

One has to descend the Ulhas valley and walk through dense jungles to reach this pristine beauty. These waterfalls are located in Fanasrai village. Kataldhar and Kune are the two giant waterfalls of Lonavala.

Kataldhar is a seasonal falls where it can be seen only during monsoon and during summer it will be completely bone dry.

Kataldhar water falls from a curved shaped overhang rock like a slight horse shoe, hence also known as Horseshoe falls of Lonavala. Rappelling event are also performed here in these falls.

Kataldhar waterfall is a three stage waterfall where 1st stage lies at Fanasrai Village where the height of waterfall is short. The 2nd stage is the highest of all three with an appx height of 130m or more. In 2nd stage rappelling events are performed. The 3rd stage is also very high but not as high as compared to second stage. The volume of water in 3rd stage is very high since it is narrow.

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